Edison Academy Update - March 27

Edison Academy Update - March 27

Mar 30, 2020

Edison Academy is committed to continuing to provide educational opportunities, as well as social/emotional support to all current students during this closure. Beginning today, all Edison teachers will be reaching out to the students in their advisory groups.The purpose of the Outreach will be to check on student’s well-being, and to make sure that students have access to resources that they may have had prior to school closure. Teachers may do this through online tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, email or they may be making phone calls. If you have any concerns about a staff member contacting your student via any of these means, please let the teacher or me know as soon as possible. Also, if you are concerned about technology availability or internet access, please reach out to your student’s advisor.

Beginning on Monday, March 30, staff will be providing educational opportunities for students enrolled in their courses. These opportunities are intended to extend previous learning and provide enrichment activities to students. Per state guidelines, students are not required to participate in these nor will they be graded, awarded points, etc.We hope that you will encourage your students to participate as the staff has done an excellent job providing meaningful and relevant opportunities for them

As of today, school is scheduled to resume on Monday, April 13th and will be extended until June 12th.As Edison students follow the Bettendorf calendar, this is our plan for students from PV and NS as well.Should the state extend this closure, we will make adjustments to what is being offered to students. It is my hope that we will receive new guidance from the state that permits required learning, assessing and grading while students are home. Should that happen, we most certainly will be communicating that information to you.

At last Monday’s Board of Education meeting, Dr. Spelhaug, Interim Superintendent of Schools for Bettendorf,presented some scenarios to Board members related to finalizing 3rd quarter grades. Please know, if school resumes in the standard structure at any time during the week of April 13, BHS will complete the 3rd quarter and letter grades will be assigned. If the closure is extended, we will consider alternative paths to closing the 3rd quarter. No decision has been made. We are in unfathomable times and given how fluid the situation is, we are proceeding with a great deal of caution with the primary focus on doing what is best for the student body as a whole. Please also note, we are aware that many of our students may be having a difficult time with the uncertainty this all brings.Our intention is to create ways in which we can interact with students in an effort to better support them through these emotional challenges.

Edison Academy is committed to ensuring that all seniors meet the requirements for graduation. As we gain more clarity on when school will resume, individual plans will be put in place for students. Advisors have worked this week to conduct credit audits on every senior so we know exactly what each senior needs to graduate.We will be working directly with home high schools to make sure that we are providing cohesive plans for our students.Graduation remains on the same calendar date as was previously scheduled for each district graduate.

Thank you for partnering with our staff and administration as we all navigate this uncertain time. This message will also be sent to your student’s school email account. Please call 563-529-7925 (my cell) if you have any questions about the contents in this email or anything else.I am also listing the names of our staff members so you may reach out directly to them if you have specific questions or concerns related to your student.


Tamara J. Chelf, Program Administrator, tchelf@bettendorf.k12.ia.us

Shawn Rice (PV/English) srice@bettendorf.k12.ia.us

Teresa Heden (Bett/Math) theden@bettendorf.k12.ia.us

Christy Haynes (NS/Social Studies) Christy.Haynes@north-scott.k12.ia.us

Kitty Clingingsmith (Bett/Science) kclingingsmith@bettendorf.k12.ia.us

Amy Larson (Social Worker) alarson@aea9.k12.ia.us

Janelle Kuebrich (Paraprofessional) jkuebrich@bettendorf.k12.ia.us