About Us

Edison Academy is an alternative high school consortium for Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley and North Scott high school students.

The goal of Edison Academy is to provide a quality learning alternative by assisting students in earning a high school diploma. Our students earn their home high school diploma upon completing the program. We strive to increase student employability and enhance life skills in a positive climate that promotes success in the present and beyond high school.



  • Meet with home high school principal or counselor
  • Counselor will create an Education Plan that will designate your "Track" for graduation
  • Set up an appointment with advisor at Edison Academy
  • Complete all paperwork for official registration
  • Receive your schedule to begin classes

Attendance Policy

Edison Academy adheres to a strict attendance policy. Students having six unexcused absences in two or more classes will be dismissed, without credit, from the Edison Academy.

Edison Academy Mission Statement:

The mission of Edison Academy is to prepare students for future success by providing a supportive and academically challenging school environment. The Edison Academy program focuses on increasing academic and pro-social behaviors, providing the skills needed for college and career readiness, and assisting students in becoming responsible, stable, and contributing members of society.


To inspire students to strive, learn and succeed, thus encouraging students to manifest their potential.


  • Improve Academic Achievement
  • Utilize Strengths to Meet Needs
  • Provide for Social and Emotional Growth
  • Explore Future Educational, Career, and Technical Interests
  • Recruit and Retain Exemplary Staff

Appropriate Candidates

An appropriate candidate to attend the Edison Academy would be any student who needs additional support and who is not meeting or not expected to meet the established goals of the traditional high school educational program (academic, personal/social, career/vocational).

Requirements students must fulfill to attend Edison Academy within the:

  • Track I (one year): 14-18 credits/NS 27-36
  • Track II (two years): 8-13 credits/NS 16-26


Students are required, as a part of the Edison Academy Program, to attend and pass, the four courses in each content area: English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, students must also attend a 5th Component option to progress successfully through the program. Students have three options for their 5th Component:

  • On-campus course
  • PSO (Post-Secondary Education)
  • Work (15 hours or more a week)

Daily Schedule

Students will attend school Monday thru Thursday, with Friday's reserved for Guided Study. Guided Study is for students who are not passing a class or need extra individual attention in a particular class or classes.

The Edison Academy offers two schedules: Early 8:15 - 12:25 or 1:45 (depending on 5th Component option); Late 9:10 - 2:45. Each class is 55 minutes and lunch is from 12:25 to 1:00 every day.